Founded in 1990,  an academic journal Chelovek (The Human Being) publishes the results of scholarly studies in social, humanitarian, and scientific aspects of human existence in close connection with philosophical understanding of the human being, ultimately related to the question, ‘What is the human being?’ The journal is open to various theoretical traditions and addresses the broad multidisciplinary readership. The journal also publishes discussions, conferences overviews, critical essays, and book reviews.

Main Headings

  • Philosophy of the Human Being
  • Scientific Research
  • Social Practices
  • A Human Being in Religions of the World
  • Times. Morals. Characters
  • Symbols. Values. Ideals
  • Human Images in Arts
  • Extreme Situation
  • Testimonies
  • Overviews and Reviews
  • New Books


Russian Academy of Sciences 

Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Russian Academy of Sciences



ISSN  0236-2007

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The journal is included in the Russian Higher Attestation Commission List of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Editor-in-chief – Ruben Apressyan, Dr. Habil. in Philosophy, Professor, Head, Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Editorial Staff

Executive Editor – Zlata Ostrovskaya

Editorial Secretary – Roman Platonov

Editor  Svetlana Marabanets