Преимущества сервисов

For all JES journals (including open access journals), you can get the following additional features for working with published materials:

1. The ability to estimate the quality of materials on a 5-point scale.

2. Automatically translate the text of the publication on the site into Russian or English. Simply select the desired paragraph.

3. Contact the author by email and ask the author questions or express your wishes.

4. Comment on the publication you are interested in.

5. Receive notifications if the author has decided to supplement his article or make changes to its content.

There are two ways to pay for services.

The first method is to pay in rubles, using bank cards and other popular payment methods. In this case, the minimum subscription price for 1 selected article is 100 rubles. The cost of a single issue is from 500 to 1200 rubles, and an annual subscription is from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

The second method is to pay with SU (subscription unit) bonus points. These bonus points are awarded to users who take an active part in the journal's activities (editors of issues, reviewers and authors of publications in the journal).

In order for you to pay for your subscription using SU, you need to contact the editorial board or the platform administrators. After that, the top menu will display the balance of your SU, which you can spend on subscriptions or services.